Desert Legends captured in craft books

We are producing small craft books as objects with Heather Green and the Printmaking program in the School of Art and using a risograph press method. The book content is faculty lead. Anyone working on a desert project broadly conceived can ask to create one and will work with our design team to produce it. Ideally there will be several authors and perhaps artists as well involved in each volume. Templates are being developed in Fall 2019. Total word count of a book is around the length of an article but varies depending on each project. We will have sample zines to help authors develop their ideas for style, writing style, and overall design. Dates: ongoing.

Desert Legends Podcast

This is an intermittent podcast series of short conversations about any research produced by faculty at ASU that fits with themes of Desert Humanities. So, if faculty have a recent article or book out on desert themes, they can promote it through a recorded 20-minute conversation with another faculty member. We have an audio editing team to help polish the final product. Desert Humanities events and activities will also be podcast episodes. Dates: ongoing.