Applied Theory Initiative

The Applied Theory initiative attempts to intervene on our understanding of Theory as a highly specialized and purely contemplative activity that remains separate from practice. Instead, the initiative takes inspiration from the pre-Socratic notion of theoria as a cultural journey that is both political and sacred. Exploring the various ways that theory shows up in the world, the Applied Theory initiative examines various forms of knowledge production and seeks to reconnect the theoretical humanities to the communities that they hope to serve. The initiative is particularly invested in experimenting with the ways in which theory is lived and embodied through a myriad of material practices (in activism, agriculture, art, craft, ritual, etc.) and thus circulates outside the formal spaces of the academy. To learn more about Designing the Pluriversity, a community-building activation space of provocations and responses, please visit

Initiative Lead: Stacey Moran

Photo of Stacey Moran

Stacey Moran is Assistant Professor in the School of Arts, Media and Engineering and the Department of English at Arizona State University. Her work lies at the intersections of feminist theory and technoscience, design studies, and critical pedagogy. Moran has published numerous articles on the critical studies of feminism and technology, technoscience and design, and the rhetorics of materialist philosophy, and is currently completing a monograph titled, What’s the Matter with Quantum Feminism? Moran is a member of the Center for Philosophical Technologies, directs a design summer school in the Netherlands, and collaborates with the Laboratory for Expanded Design (LxD). She also maintains a creative practice that examines the relation between design, mythology and material practices.