Institute for Humanities Research

Humanities Week

From Oct. 18 to 22, ASU humanities units, centers and institutes will host special events to highlight the ways in which we explore the human adventure across time, culture and place. 

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The mission of the Institute for Humanities Research is to develop and facilitate significant and innovative humanities research events, contributions and solutions for organizations, communities and the real-world problems of our times in order to be a leader in creating a socially just, ethical and sustainable world.

We fulfill this mission by:

  • Funding humanities research that has real-world impact.

  • Developing and supporting public and academic humanities programming.

  • Encouraging interdisciplinary collaborations.

  • Engaging students in humanities research.

  • Becoming a leading humanities institute.

Upcoming events

2020-21 Annual Report

Just, ethical, sustainable worlds start with the humanities.

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Recent news

Overcoming prejudice and seeking justice

The Institute for Humanities Research pledges to take up the humanities as a source of empowerment and a foundation for reckoning with disparity, overcoming prejudice and seeking justice. Read our statement and learn about the strategies, new initiatives and resources currently in development.

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