How it works

The Student Stories Project helps ASU students “come together” virtually by sharing their writing, drawings, doodles and experiences.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Fill out this form to receive your Student Stories Project notebook for free.
  2. Starting December 15, we'll provide daily prompts below to inspire your writing, drawing, creating, anything!
  3. Post your notebook entries on social media using the hashtag #StudentStoriesASU.

Students are not obligated to follow every prompt — feel free to participate on your own terms. With each post, you'll have a chance to win weekly free giveaways. 

Prompts will begin December 15 and run through February 15. Together, we hope to foster a sense of community in a safe, virtual space.


Review the prompt for each day to inspire your writing, drawing, creating, etc! We'll announce more prompts as the project continues.

Day 1 (12/15): I am...(list or draw as many roles as are meaningful to you)

Day 2 (12/16): My community is...and I appreciate them because...

Day 3 (12/17): The song I have on repeat right now is:

Day 4 (12/18): What education means to me:

Day 5 (12/19): Gratitude check: I'm grateful for...

Featured posts

Starting December 15, we'll follow #StudentStoriesASU on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and share featured posts here.

This project is sponsored by the Institute for Humanities Research at Arizona State University.