No Longer Just ‘Hyphenated’: The New ‘American’ Conversation

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As we approach 2020, our sense of what it is to be an “American” is unraveling. Both in the U.S. and abroad, the contours of “American-ness” are under question. This interdisciplinary, collaborative project seeks to build the foundation for a large scale project on The New American Conversation. 

This new conversation is designed to help us understand the meanings and definitions of American-ness, and to generate new dialogues around questions on American-ness, inside and outside of the U.S.

The project engages with the questions and the conversation through three interventions: discursive, programmatic and epistemic. It looks at how students and faculty are thinking, teaching and otherwise engaging with the concept of American-ness.

Seed Grant Project Director(s)

Pardis Mahdavi | Professor and Director | School of Social Transformation

Lois Brown | Professor and Center Director | Center for the Study of Race and Democracy