Sex and Herbs and Birth Control

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Dr. Ann Hibner Koblitz
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Throughout the ages, women have had to fight to maintain control of their sexuality and fertility, regardless of the specific era or culture. Whether it is the use of special herbs to reduce fertility or sea sponges serving as diaphragms, women have been incessantly innovative in their approach to fertility and pregnancy. They have not always been successful in skirting social norms and political imperatives which sought to limit the scope of female self-determination when it came to these issues, but the history of this struggle is a history of an iron resolve and perseverance in the face of both natural and social obstacles.

Ann Hibner Koblitz's groundbreaking book "Sex and Herbs and Birth Control" takes the reader on a journey across time and space, investigating the always innovative (and occasionally) surprising approaches to women's health from India to Cuba. Koblitz covers topics such as forensic pathology, the meaning of abortion and Margaret Sanger, all the while proffering a fresh, insightful take on an age old dilemma. Koblitz's book is a wonderful example of truly transdisciplinary research and the amazing results of breaking down rigid disciplinary borders.