VHI Grants

A micro-residency at ASU for a Visiting Humanities Investigator.


Bringing collaborative projects to ASU

VHI grants encourage and support collaborations between ASU humanities researchers and other faculty, artists, or community leaders from outside of the Phoenix area.

ASU faculty and staff are encouraged to submit applications to invite a collaborator—a Visiting Humanities Investigator (VHI)—for a micro-residency at ASU. VHI residencies can be anywhere from two days to two weeks, and they must facilitate jointly-authored or jointly-led outcomes, including grants, research publications (such as articles, chapters, book proposals, or full manuscripts), specialized conferences and seminars and creative projects.

As with all IHR funding programs, recipients are also required to disseminate their work to a larger public within and/or outside the ASU community. The format and scope of this public engagement are up to the project leads: past events range from a film series to symposia and panel discussions, brownbag lectures and a specially-created card game. Note that public-facing writing and digital projects are always welcome, as well.

The IHR will cover the costs of travel to ASU, lodging and a per diem for the length of the residency, and will publicize the collaborations on its website and through other media. Research teams will need to submit evidence of successful outcomes of their collaborations within one year of the award, acknowledge IHR support in all relevant external funding applications and internal and external publications, and agree to publicize the results of their research or projects to the ASU community. Interdisciplinary collaborations are especially encouraged, but they must employ humanities methodologies as a central part of the research design.

Application deadlines:

February 1st, 2019
March 1st, 2019
April 1st, 2019

Applications will be accepted digitally and will be approved by the IHR Advisory Board at their meetings. In order to be considered, applications are due on the first of the month in which the IHR advisory board meets (Fall 2018 meetings: August and October; Spring 2019 meetings: TBD).