The seed grant program is designed to provide support for projects that advance the IHR’s mission of fostering research that addresses or explores significant social challenges in the past, present and future, employing humanities or transdisciplinary methodologies.

The Institute supports projects that demonstrate intellectual merit, potential impact on scholarship and strong prospects of receiving external funding. Seed grants fund 12 months of work for ASU humanities faculty and staff at two levels: individual (up to $5,000) and team (up to $9,000). 

Application Guidelines:

The deadline for Spring 2020 applications has been extended to April 24, 2020
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Current seed grants

Title Principal Investigator(s) Award Semester Award Year
Bodies in Revolt: The Volatile Politics of Women’s Body Hair

Breanne Fahs | Professor of Women and Gender Studies & Social and Cultural Analysis | ASU New College 

Fall 2019
Monumental Objections: The Phoenix Indian School at Steele Indian School Park

Kathleen Lamp | Associate Professor | Department of English

Fall 2019
No Longer Just ‘Hyphenated’: The New ‘American’ Conversation

Pardis Mahdavi | Professor and Director | School of Social Transformation

Lois Brown | Professor and Center Director | Center for the Study of Race and Democracy

Fall 2019
Biography of a Sound — Prince, Place and the Hidden History of the Minneapolis Sound

Rashad Shabazz | Associate Professor | Program of Justice and Criminal Inquiry | School of Social Tranformation

Sabine Feisst | Evelyn Smith Professor | School of Music

Spring 2019
Power, Society and the Senses: A Workshop

Toby Harper | Assistant Professor | School of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies

Richard Newhauser | Professor | Department of English

Spring 2019
Storytelling on Location: Emerging Modalities of Place-Based Writing

Jacob Greene | Assistant Professor | Department of English

Spring 2019
Who Wrote the Autobiography of Malcolm X

Keith Miller | Professor | Department of English

Spring 2019
A Metrical Search Engine for Poetry in Ancient Greek

Michael A. Tueller | Professor of the Classics | School of International Letters and Cultures

Fall 2018
Crossing Through: What Threshold Concepts Can Tell Us about Disciplinary Identity Formation

Barbara D’Angelo | Clinical Associate Professor | College of Integrative Sciences and Arts

Barry Maid | Professor | College of Integrative Sciences and Arts

Michelle Stuckey | Clinical Assistant Professor | College of Integrative Sciences and Arts

Fall 2018
In the Land of Tigers and Snakes: Powers and Violence between Humans and Animals in Medieval China

Huaiyu Chen | Associate Professor | School of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies

Fall 2018
Kealiinohomoku Dance and Human Culture Audiovisual/Scholarship Online Exhibit

Adair Landborn | Clinical Assistant Professor | School of Film, Dance and Theatre | Curator | Cross-Cultural Dance Resources Collections

Fall 2018