Jewish Latin America: New Cinematic Horizons

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Ilana Luna, Assistant Professor and faculty lead for Spanish and Latin American Studies, School of Humanities, Arts and Cultural Studies

This research informs part of a larger book project: Jewish Latin America: New Cinematic Horizons. In particular, this project investigates Argentine film industry practices, Jewish film festivals and their role in the proliferation of Jewish themed film. It is also documenting the significant diasporic Jewish communities that have “returned” to Israel, and their representation within that industry. Some of the larger questions that will drive this research will be a discussion of films with incidental Judaism vs. films that act to translate the culture to the national audience. How are customs being woven into the social fabric? How do the religious minority interact with the overall discursive practices of national culture? How does an insider/outsider status allow for critical distance within a given cultural setting? Do Jewish communities occupy privileged positions within these media industries? What are the particularities of place? Are there regional similarities? How are intersectional identities portrayed on screen, and what does this say about the social climate of the countries and communities herein explored?


Image: the Synagogue Baron Hirsch in Moisés Ville, Argentina

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