The Colonial, the Postcolonial and the Decolonial

Academic Year: 
2019 to 2020

Melissa Free, Assistant Professor, Department of English

Isaac Joslin, Assistant Professor, School of International Letters and Cultures

The IHR has awarded us another ($1,000) grant for our research cluster, The Colonial, the Postcolonial and the Decolonial. This cluster aims to facilitate the exchange of ideas and the production of research across historical, ideological, cultural, material, geographical, and epistemological dimensions. We invite the participation of those interested in any sites and forms of colonial conquest, resistance, complicity, and aftermaths.


Join us for Poetry and Translation: Navigating the Intricacies of Inter-linguistic and Inter-cultural Communication with Todd Fredson and Professor Souad Ali, on October 18, 2019. Learn more and RSVP.


Join us for Autoethnography and Resistance in two 1920s Novels: René Maran's "Batouala" and Sol Plaatje’s "Mhudi," with Isaac Joslin, Assistant Professor, French, SILC and Melissa Free, Assistant Professor of English on October 30, 2019. Learn more and RSVP.

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