Food and well-being in the Anthropocene

Academic Year: 
2017 to 2018

Joshua MacFadyen, Assistant Professor, School of Historical, Philosophical, and Religious Studies and the School of Sustainability

Tyler DesRoches, Assistant Professor, School of Sustainability

Joan MacGregor, Professor, School of Historical, Philosophical, and Religious Studies

Arianne Cease, Assistant Professor, School of Sustainability

Joni Adamson, Director, Environmental Humanities Initiative and Professor, Department of English

The Food and well-being in the Anthropocene research cluster will bring together environmental historians, philosophers, and food systems scientists in order to develop new research on the relationship between human well-being and global food systems. The participants will consider recent research in history of industrial agriculture and related food systems, the ethics of various food systems over time, the changing role of local food, and what constitutes a sustainable food system today. Activities include co-sponsoring an environmental humanist for a workshop and talk on Tempe campus, the discussion of readings as identified by participants, and the development of original papers that combine each participant’s research agendas with the larger questions of food and well-being. 

Image: “This is Life,” American Meat Institute ad in LIFE Magazine February 25, 1946