Publication Development Grant

Value: $6,000 (inclusive of 8.5% ERE) in the form of a stipend. The stipend can be taken in two ways:

  • As a cash payment (however this is subject to tax)
  • As a research fund (housed in your department, and not subject to tax), which can be used for research assistants, hosting symposiums and guest speakers, research materials: for instance, purchasing books, or conference funding).

N.B. This stipend cannot be used for Teaching Buyout.

Opening Date: August 12, 2022

Due Dates: March 20, 2023

Funding Cycle: This grant runs for one semester only. There are two proposed cycles: grants with Fall deadlines are funded January 1 - June 30, and those with Spring deadlines are funded July 1 - December 31.

Grant Description:

The Institute for Humanities Research (IHR) Publication Development Grant is designed to provide support for and facilitate publication outputs and boost research track record, in order to enable increased citations, reputation, and competitiveness for external grants.


Applications are welcomed from any level of tenure and tenure-track faculty, or other faculty eligible for a research release, from:

  • any Humanities unit from any ASU campus
  • any Humanities scholar/faculty using humanities methods located outside Humanities units

Submission and application instructions can be found in the downloadable PDF, and through the InfoReady application link.

Apply for Grant (InfoReady website)

Download Grant details (PDF document)