2015-16: The Meanings of Celebration and Commemoration

As the IHR observes its 10th anniversary, we are inviting faculty to present talks or workshops on the theme of “The Meanings of Celebration and Commemoration” for the 2015-16 Faculty Seminar Series. From World’s Fairs to war memorials, family rituals to Carnival, celebrations and commemorations are acts of acknowledging and remembering that are productive sites for humanistic analysis and critique. How do we attach value to such events or rituals of human social life? What makes an event a celebration? What distinguishes private from public commemoration or celebration, and how do they function in relation to institutions, ethical systems, economies or aesthetic traditions? How do studies of trauma and memory contribute to our understanding of commemoration? How are literary, artistic or other symbolic systems products of the human drive toward rituals of celebration and commemoration? Scholars addressing these or many other such questions are welcome to apply.

Please submit your individual or team proposals for brief presentations (20 minutes per presenter), workshops, or other formats for scholarly engagement: proposals should include names, titles, and affiliations of presenter(s), presentation title, and a 500-1000 word description of the proposed presentation or other event and its relationship to the series theme. We hope to develop 3-4 sessions throughout the coming year. Applications should be sent to ihr@asu.edu by June 15, 2015.