Creative Inquiry Research & Practice: Catalyst for Social Change
Research Cluster Academic Year
Research Cluster Project Director(s)
Heather Lineberry, Associate Director, Senior Curator ASU Art Museum
Simon Dove, Professor of Practice, School of Dance
Eileen Standley, Clinical Professor, School of Dance

This research cluster consists of faculty members from the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts is focused on transdisciplinary research with an emphasis on effecting social change. The group proposes to delve into and continue exploration of the following:

• Conflict resolution through an emphasis on process.

• Stimulus in the marketplace through creative response.

• Promote healing of social separation at personal and interpersonal levels.

• Identifying transdisciplinary areas of overlap and shaping a practice of embracing cultural difference (at local and global levels)

• Tapping the unconscious: a possibility to map diversity in communication and social infrastructures;

• Creativity sourced as a way to heal social differences, cultural conflict, and raise consciousness.

• Foster independence/autonomy in humanistic, scholarly endeavors via creative inquiry

• Stimulate awareness of historical context and possibilities to meet rapid social changes and imbalances with an informed, constructive creative response.