echo::system - Mapping Information to Action through Embodied Aesthetic

Seed Grant Semester Awarded
Seed Grant Award Year

The echo::system project is a response to our current global crisis caused by contemporary humans' inability to reflect on our own impact to the natural world. This response comes in the form of a planned series of five large-scale, multi-media immersive environments that co-manifest as both performance stage and interactive installation. These constructed environments, called ActionStations , parallel natural environments in our world but have developed with different histories, timescales, and ecologies. In the best tradition of speculative fiction, these alternate realities promote contemplation of our own past, present and future while asking us to question our own role in this world. The specific work being advanced for this proposal is the second of five ActionStations in the echo::system series entitled, The Desert

Seed Grant Project Director(s)
Grisha Coleman, Assistant Professor, School of Arts, Media and Engineering /School of Dance
Todd Ingalls, Research Professor, School of Arts, Media and Engineering
Barry Sparkman, Academic Assoc (FSC), School of Sustainability (GIOS)