The Shakespeare Cognition Research Project: Classical Drama and Perceptions of Race

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As an interdisciplinary research group (with scholars in the humanities, social sciences, and arts), the Shakespeare Cognition Research Project team seeks to gather, analyze, and theorize empirical data about audience receptions of nontraditionally cast classical performances. While many in the mainstream media claim that "Generation M[edia]"—eight to eighteen year olds who have grown up with, and on, the internet—is the post-race generation that no longer "sees" race, empirical research indicates that race remains a salient identity category for young people. Nonetheless, very little research has been conducted on the effects of perceptions of race on the reception of classical performances.

The Color of Shakespeare: The Oregon Shakespeare Festival at ASU

Seed Grant Project Director(s)
Bradley Ryner, Assistant Professor, Department of English
Ayanna Thompson, Associate Professor, Department of English