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October 11, 2016

Book on emotions and capitalism wins transdisciplinary award

"The Emotional Logic of Capitalism" challenges the traditional perception of capitalism as a rational monster, devoid of emotion or social roots, and instead reveals its deep emotional and...
October 6, 2016

ASU appoints interim director for Nexus Lab

Arizona State University's Nexus Lab is bringing in a nationally recognized leader in digital archives, feminist digital media, histories of quantification, and technologies of commemoration.
August 3, 2016

Establishing excellence with new chairs and directors in College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

One institute, two academic units and four schools within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Arizona State University are welcoming new directors and chairs. These distinguished individuals...
July 4, 2016

ASU Institute for Humanities Research announces interim director, associate director

The Institute for Humanities Research has announced the appointment of Cora Fox as interim director, following the departure of director Sally Kitch on July 1.
March 21, 2016

Ghosts of victims, survivors past

Various ASU faculty panels focused on remembering the victims of WWII are shedding light on what doing so can teach us about the present and the future of our world.
March 16, 2016

Honoring the 'father of English literature'

Some may know him best as the guy who wrote those medieval stories they had to read in high school. But for centuries, to a great many people, Geoffrey Chaucer has been known as nothing less than the...
February 2, 2016

Deliverance from stigma

Giving birth is one of the most natural, necessary and universal experiences life has to offer, yet much of it is still not openly discussed. ASU art professor Forrest Solis' latest artistic...
November 23, 2015

Resiliency the secret to better health, living

Resiliency can mean many things to many people, but health officials agree to that the quality is essential to better living.
November 4, 2015

Mayo Clinic doctors, ASU humanists teaming up for 'Resilience'

Mayo Clinic in Arizona and ASU's Institute for Humanities Research are teaming up once again to tackle issues within the burgeoning field of medical/critical health humanities.