Reproductive Health AZ


Erica O’Neil, Postdoctoral Fellow at the Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics
Jane Maienschein, Director of the Center for Biology and Society
Jason Scott Robert, Director of the Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics

Reproductive Health Arizona (RHAZ) is a joint project of ASU’s Center for Biology and Society and the Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics. RHAZ aims to address the evolving meanings and significance of reproductive health and medicine within Arizona. The project uses transdisciplinary humanities methods, including digital publications, personal and historical narratives, and digital mapping, to develop resources to increase public literacy about human reproduction and Arizona’s history of reproductive health and medicine.

In addition to developing these resources, RHAZ hosts networking sessions and panel discussions centered around reproductive health with leaders and scholars from across the state. The aim of which is to foster a community of people and organizations that care about reproductive health, medicine, and biology from across the sectors of government, healthcare, education, research, non-profits, and industry.

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Photo: Lange, Dorothea. 1940. "Near Buckeye, Maricopa County, Arizona. Migrant [African-American] cotton picker and her baby." Held in the National Archives. Available:

Tuesday, April 18, 2017
Social Sciences 109

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