Nobody Said it was Easy-- Practicing Multicultural Digital Humanities


Lead Facilitator:
Lucia Binotti, Professor, Spanish, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Other Faciliators:
Michael Simeone, Director, IHR Nexus Lab
Andrew Ross, Head, SILC Learning Support Services
Dan Gilfillan, Associate Professor, German Studies, SILC

Professor Binotti will be leading a workshop for humanities faculty, graduate students, and academic professionals who are interested in developing digital humanities projects as part of their research portfolios.

The workshop's goal is to help participants think through the initial phases of a research project involving digital humanities in order to demystify the process and outline steps toward implementation. In order to ensure that participants get the most out of this experience, a request for proposals will be circulated.

Support for this lecture and workshop is being sought from the Institute for Humanities Research, the School of International Letters and Cultures, the School of Historical, Philosophical, and Religious Studies, the Department of English, the School of Arts, Media, and Engineering, and Hayden Libraries.

Friday, April 1, 2016
Language and Literature Building 68

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