NEH Institute on "Writing for Broader Audiences"

Applications due 1/13/2019


The NEH Institute, running from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on January 24-25, requires prospective attendees to submit their application to the IHR by Sunday, Jan. 13. View application requirements below.

How can scholars write for broader audiences without sacrificing intellectual rigor and while developing their academic profiles? This NEH Institute located at ASU and hosted by the Institute for Humanities Research, offers guidance, strategies, and workshops in light of current trends in the humanities toward public impact, evolving expectations for tenure and promotion, and the emergence of new publishing platforms and opportunities. The institute is geared to scholars and writers from across disciplines in the arts and humanities. The institute’s workshops aim to better equip participants to pitch their ideas and publish their writing in venues that exist fruitfully between traditional academic publishing and trade routes.

The institute will center around 12 writers and three to six administrators/unit leaders, all to be selected by a committee constituted by the Institute of Humanities Research at ASU.  Writer participants may be advanced graduate students, instructors, assistant, associate or full professors in the humanities and arts.

The administrators/unit leaders will be selected in consultation with Dean Jeffrey Cohen, based on strong, clearly articulated commitment to supporting this sort of work at various levels.


To Apply

Applicants should apply no later than midnight, Sunday, January 13, 2019. 

Applicants will need to submit:

  1.  A short statement of interest, outlining proposed project (no more than 250 words)
  2. A concise CV (no more than two pages)
  3. A writing sample (no more than 1000 words)

Selection Criteria: 

  1.  Proposed project’s specificity, timeliness and relevance
  2.  Evidence of ability to write for broad audiences
  3. Promise and quantity of research already completed or in-progress
  4. Potential for the applicant’s proposed topic to interest a wide audience

Submission: Please email submissions in a single file (as word document or pdf) to:



Dr. Ian Bogost is Ivan Allen College Distinguished Chair in Media Studies and Professor of Interactive Computing at the Georgia Institute of Technology, and author most of recently of Play Anything: The Pleasure of Limits, the Uses of Boredom, and the Secret of Games (2016).

Dr. Christopher Schaberg is Dorothy Harrell Brown Distinguished Professor of English at Loyola University New Orleans, and author most recently of The Work of Literature in an Age of Post-Truth (2018).

Bogost and Schaberg are the founding editors of the Object Lessons essay and book series published by The Atlantic and Bloomsbury.  This institute builds on an earlier grant from the NEH that supported four two-day workshops nationwide.



The institute will take place over two days and will include lectures and workshops, running from 8:30am to 5:00pm, January 24 and 25. 

The first day will focus on the 12 writer participants, and will involve lectures and practical workshops that cover pitching, proposing, and crafting essays and ‘crossover’ books.  The 12 participants will return the following morning with homework completed, to workshop their writing. The first part of the institute will be complete by noon the second day.

The organizers draw from their experiences to help participants navigate the new frontiers of academic publishing and increasing pressures on the academy to make its work legible to broad audiences.

The second half of the second day will be geared toward administrators and unit leaders who are interested in supporting this type of writing in university contexts. These individuals will be invited to observe part of the first day and the morning workshop of the second day. The final segment of the institute will involve a debriefing session just for these administrators and unit leaders, to identify and put in place concrete steps and further plans to support crossover writing at the university.


Applicants should apply no later than midnight, Sunday, January 13, 2019. 

Thursday, January 24, 2019
Ross Blakley Hall 196

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