Micro-residency grants support collaborations between ASU humanities researchers and other faculty, artists, or community leaders from outside of the Phoenix area.  

Humanities researchers are encouraged to submit applications to invite a collaborator for a micro-residency at ASU. These residencies:

  • can span from two days to two weeks, and
  • must facilitate jointly-authored or jointly-led outcomes, including:
    • grants
    • research publications (such as articles, chapters, book proposals or full manuscripts)
    • specialized conferences, seminars or symposia 
    • digital projects
    • creative projects or exhibits

Funding awards may span from $500 to $2000, and the IHR may cover the following visiting scholar expenses:

  • costs of travel to ASU
  • lodging
  • per diem for the length of the residency

As with all IHR funding programs, recipients are also required to disseminate their work to a larger public within and/or outside the ASU community. Possible formats may include:

  • film series
  • symposia
  • panel discussions
  • brownbag lectures or discussions
  • art exhibitions/public performances
  • public-facing writing
  • digital projects  

Interdisciplinary collaborations are encouraged, but they must employ humanities research methodologies as a central part of the research design.

Applications to the IHR micro-residencies funding program will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • impact of micro-residency to individual scholar, ASU and the humanities
  • likelihood that the project will be completed
  • completion of application
  • clearly detailed collaborative nature of the project
  • clearly defined public dissemination of works and final outcomes

In the event of multiple competitive submissions, the IHR will give priority to collaborations in which a near-term residency is critical to the project’s completion. 

Application: Due the first of each month.

Download the application.