Institute for Humanities Research initiatives are responsive to emerging trends in academia. These initiatives provide opportunities for interdisciplinary conversation and research. 


Black Ecologies

The Black Ecologies Initiative encompasses various multi-media projects to document, amplify and create alternative cultural resources related to the ecological vulnerability Black communities in the U.S. and around the African Diaspora face.


Desert Humanities

Deserts are demanding and pose large questions to us—questions that invite large ecological solutions. The Desert Humanities initiative intersects our barren home in the desert with the humanities issues that arise in such a harsh environment.


Digital Humanities

Digital humanities work is interdisciplinary and creative. It weaves new media tools and data and computational sciences with humanities methods, primary materials and theoretical frames to address the challenges of current digital cultures.


Environmental Humanities

The environmental humanities explore how art, history, literature, philosophy and other humanities topics serve as entry points to discussions about the relationships between people, place and planet.


Health Humanities

The Health Humanities initiative seeks to transcend disciplinary and institutional boundaries by bringing academics, clinicians, caregivers and students together to address grand social challenges in areas of health and healthcare.