Humane Tech Initiative

Our vision

Imagine a world where technology is keyed to human flourishing, where innovation takes stock of what might be lost and not only what might be gained, and where the simple beauty of connection, touch, and intimacy aren’t sacrificed in favor of growth and endless optimization. Imagine a world of ethical innovation.





Our mission

We are animated by the profound ways digital technologies are changing us.

We are grounded by the belief that not all change is innovation, not all innovation progress.

We are inspired by the conviction that while no one knows what comes next, there is enough shared wisdom, know-how, and goodwill to get started.





Our approach

A growing number of leaders — from within industry and beyond — believe there is enough collective wisdom and good will to make a difference. Our initiative seeks to make that happen. We are bringing together tech leaders, entrepreneurs, investors and humanists to co-create the frameworks, tools and skillsets they need to overcome the potentially dehumanizing effects of new technologies.

Through executive cohorts, humane tech boot-camps, virtual events, design summits and new undergraduate programs, these unlikely fellow travelers will work together to reenlist innovation in the shared work of enriching the cultures we inhabit, uplifting the values we hold dear and retelling the stories that signal who we are and what we want to be.





Our design aspirations

We aspire to drive transformative leadership and strategic change in ethical innovation by:

  • Facilitating critical design summits, empowering industry leaders and their critics to work together to discover and try out different possible futures. 

  • Co-creating the frameworks, tools and skillsets leaders and communities need to conduct new experiments in ethical innovation. 

  • Advancing action-oriented research on innovation cultures, tech economies and the human condition. 

  • Investing heavily in innovative education and educational innovation. 

  • Grounding everything we do in the abiding concerns of the humanities.