Providing a variety of opportunities, the Institute for Humanities Research aims to foster innovative and transdisciplinary humanities research.


In an effort to enhance the intellectual climate of the university and to promote excellence and innovation in humanities scholarship, the IHR encourages faculty from humanities disciplines, often in partnership with faculty from other fields, to take advantage of funded research opportunities.

By facilitating collaboration among scholars in the humanities, social sciences and sciences, the Institute’s funding programs expose faculty in many fields to what humanities research is, how it operates and why it is important. At the same time, these funding initiatives often attract additional external research dollars.


Fellows thumbnail
The Fellows program provides funding for either individual tenured or tenure-track faculty or research teams to engage in a year of research related to the annual theme and share their research with the academic community (via lectures, a conference, or symposium).
Research Clusters
The IHR facilitates and supports diverse Research Clusters at ASU. Our aim is to assist research and communication among scholars and to enrich the intellectual climate of the university. Research Clusters frequently serve as an entry point for faculty engaging with the IHR.
Seed Grants
Seed Grants are awarded at individual and team levels to ASU faculty or staff in the humanities (though external scholars are always welcome to participate as consultants). The Seed Grant program is designed to provide support for projects that advance the IHR’s mission of fostering research that addresses or explores significant social challenges in the past, present, and future, employing humanities or transdisciplinary methodologies. The Institute supports projects that demonstrate intellectual merit, potential impact on scholarship, and strong prospects of receiving external funding.
VHI Grants
ASU tenure-line faculty are encouraged to submit applications to invite a collaborator—a Visiting Humanities Investigator (VHI)—for a micro-residency at ASU. VHI residencies can be anywhere from two days to two weeks, and they must facilitate jointly-authored or jointly-led outcomes, including grants, research publications (including articles, chapters, book proposals or full manuscripts), specialized conferences and seminars, creative projects, and programming for the public (including digital programs).
The IHR will make available a limited number of grants up to $1,000 to assist full-time tenured and tenure-track ASU humanities faculty with subvention costs for single-authored and co-authored works in any language, including creative works (novels, books of essays or poetry). These grants are designed to support those whose publishers make an explicit requirement of subvention funding.
Research Advancement and External Funding
In partnership with the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the Institute for Humanities Research provides assistance for faculty and staff applying for external funding. Learn about opportunities available to you and get the help you need during application process and throughout the project.