Feminista Frequencies: Chicana/o Community Radio Archive

Fellow Project Academic Year

Feminista Frequencies: Chicana Radio Activism in Community Broadcasting is a book and online public archive that unearths a remarkable history of Chicanas and Chicanos who were architects of community radio stations as producers, on-air announcers, station managers, technical directors, and listeners. Chicana/o owned and operated community radio stations created Spanish, bilingual, and English radio broadcasts for Mexican immigrants, U.S. born Chicana/os, and migrant Tejana/o communities often straddling cultural, political, and linguistic borders. Historical Chicana/o community broadcasting provides a platform for analyzing the political possibility of Spanish and bilingual noncommercial radio for immigrant and Latinx communities today.

Photo: Building Radio KDNA's Tower, 1979. Photograph Courtesy of Rosa Ramón.

Fellow Project Principal Investigator(s)

Monica De La Torre | Assistant Professor | School of Transborder Studies