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Changing the World

Just, ethical and sustainable worlds start with the humanities. These videos center the humanities in understanding culture, society, economics, human nature, language and technology.

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COVID and Colonialism II

October 23, 2020

COVID and Colonialism I

October 15, 2020


Professional Development

These professional development videos support humanities scholars and students with insights on teaching, writing, research and more.

Supported Programming

These videos are outcomes of projects and interdisciplinary initiatives funded by the Institute for Humanities Research.

Distinguished Lecturers

A major university and community event, the IHR's Annual Distinguished Lecturer program brings to campus a prominent humanities scholar whose work highlights the importance of humanities research. This playlist is a collection of past Distinguished Lecturers.

Book Award Winners

Each year, the IHR selects a winner for the Transdisciplinary Humanities Book Award. This playlist is a collection of lectures of Book Award recipients speaking on their award-winning publications.