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Adaptation, Resiliency and Care: A Series

In this broader time of uncertainty, this series seeks to provide conversations and resources to create a community of mutual support. It is through adaptation, resiliency and care that we must face our collective sense of precarity. Caring for the human experience we are collectively going through is of the utmost importance ⁠— and humanities practitioners can help.

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Distinguished Lecturers

A major university and community event, the IHR's Annual Distinguished Lecturer program brings to campus a prominent humanities scholar whose work highlights the importance of humanities research. This playlist is a collection of past Distinguished Lecturers.

Book Award Winners

Each year, the IHR selects a winner for the Transdisciplinary Humanities Book Award. This playlist is a collection of lectures of Book Award recipients speaking on their award-winning publications.

Plagues, Epidemics and Culture: Histories of Crisis and Care

Engaging with scholars focused on the histories and representations of epidemics, this series explores what can be learned from historical changes in the cultures of care that arose from those crises. Speakers also address how histories of bias, racism and colonialism are intimately bound up in the history of epidemics.

Digital Humanities Virtual Hour Summer Series

The Digital Humanities Initiative's Virtual Hour Summer Series is an opportunity for community members to come together to discuss relevant digital humanities topics. This series took place in the summer of 2020.

Desert Cities Symposium

A series of lectures presented in 2015 at the IHR Desert Cities Symposium.

10th Anniversary Celebration

A series of events celebrating ten years of the Institute for Humanities Research in 2015.