Digital Humanities Initiative

Advancing research at the intersection of the humanities, science and technology


What are the Digital Humanities?

Digital Humanities work is interdisciplinary, collaborative, and creative. It weaves new media tools and data and computational sciences with humanities methods, primary materials, and theoretical frames in order to address the complex challenges of 21st century digital cultures. The field includes a wide array of methods, including creating digital versions of archival and rare materials, large corpora, virtual recreations, and analysis of "born-digital" cultural materials. Research and teaching now incorporate data visualization, information retrieval and digital publishing with the traditional humanities fields of history, philosophy, linguistics, literature, art and more.


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Nexus Digital Research Co-op launch

Nexus Digital Research Co-op

Nexus is a voluntary association of researchers at all levels who are interested in doing digital research (method) or research on the digital (subject). In addition to functioning as a community, Nexus is also a physical space and set of communal resources located within the IHR. 

Anyone who is interested in contributing work and expertise may become a member. Members can bring research projects and ideas to the Nexus community for developoment, advancement, testing or completion. Continually, they have access to the equipment, expertise and space of the co-op. 

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