Leah Newsom

Communications Program Coordinator
University Staff
TEMPE Campus


Leah Newsom is an MFA candidate in creative writing (fiction) at ASU. She is also the Communications Coordinator for the Institute for Humanities Research. As the founding editor of Spilled Milk Magazine, she is dedicated to empowering the arts in a digital world.


Teaching Assistant:

AME130 - Prototyping Dreams - Fall 2016
FMS351 - Emerging Digital Media - Fall 2016
AME310 - Media Literacies and Composition - Spring 2017
FMS351 - Emerging Digital Media - Spring 2017


Bachelor of Arts in English (Creative Writing)
Graduated summa cum laude, 2015


"Striking Matches in the Dark," an interview with EJ Levy, Superstition Review 2015

"Writing as Performance," an Interview with Maggie Nelson, Superstition Review 2015

"Our Shared Language," an Interview With Daisy Hernandez, Superstition Review 2015

"The Place from which You Dream," an Interview with Ander Monson, Superstition Review 2015

"Oddness Matters," an Interview with Sarah Einstein, Superstition Review 2015

"Epiphany Plotting," Superstition Review Blog 2015

"Xanax," Four Chambers Press, 2014


Fall 2016
Course Number Course Title
AME 130 Prototyping Dreams