2017-18: Empire, the Postcolonial and the Decolonial

Scholars across humanities disciplines analyze, critique and theorize imperial, colonial, and neo-imperial practices and their effects across the globe. Postcolonial theory and theories of settler-colonialism, in particular, have reshaped understandings not just of lived histories under empire, but power itself; and humanities methods have been essential to elucidating western colonial practices and developing strategies that actively decolonize knowledge making, social engagement, and political action – effectively denaturalizing colonial practices. Humanities researchers have also pointed to and worked to reimagine the ways colonial pasts and presents structure not just political and ideological systems of nationhood, but intersectional structures of race, class and gender, the subaltern, linguistic practices, economic forces, the environment, and the patterns of exploitation, cooptation and collaboration that make up our global present.