IHR Transdisciplinary Book Award

An annual award presented for a nonfiction work that reflects the finest contemporary humanities-based scholarship on any topic.

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IHR Transdisciplinary Book Award

Established in 2008, the IHR Transdisciplinary Humanities Book Award is presented for a non-fiction work that exemplifies transdisciplinary, socially engaged humanities-based scholarship. The award recognizes and celebrates humanities faculty authors from ASU and around the U.S. and the substantial body of transdisciplinary humanistic research reflected in their publications. Every year the IHR honors a work of academic non-fiction by a humanities faculty member, alternating years between ASU faculty and faculty from around the world with the Transdisciplinary Book Award.

A book that is transdisciplinary in methodology and scope works between, among, and within foundational models set-up by disciplines and transforms or transcends those disciplines by: restructuring conventional idea systems and practices; developing new knowledge frameworks or domains; or constructing new paradigms or focal concepts. In keeping with the mission of the IHR, the book should also focus on compelling topics of social or cultural importance—past, present, or future. Edited collections are not eligible.

Deadline: January 12th, 2018