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The Institute for Humanities Research supports scholarship exploring human thought, expression and experience, and addressing many of the central challenges facing all of us. ASU humanities scholars of culture, language, literature, the arts, film, media, history, philosophy, and religion work within their disciplines and in collaboration with scientists, social scientists, artists and others to advance research that makes a difference in the world. (Image provided by Anne Schutte)

Letter from the Director

As joint directors of the IHR, we are looking forward to an exciting year as we build upon the excellent work of our predecessors and develop new programs to meet the needs of our dynamic humanities faculty. In addition to continuing our highly successful funding programs—Faculty Fellows, Seed Grants, Research Clusters and the Visiting Humanities Investigator Grants—we are developing several new initiatives: 1) a series of Faculty Development workshops, including workshops in the Digital Humanities, to help faculty further their research agendas; 2) a redesign of the Nexus Research Cooperative as a “ThinkerSpace,” a place for humanities collaboration and co-working; and 3) a major conference this coming spring at ASU’s Washington DC Center on “Humane Technologies and the New American University.”

What are the humanities?

Humanities. The word brings to mind history, art, language, literature, philosophy, and religion – the traditional humanities fields. But in the 21st century, the humanities are playing an increasingly vital role in society by tackling the social, cultural, technological, and scientific changes facing the world.





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