The Institute for Humanities Research

The mission of the Institute for Humanities Research (IHR) is to foster research, programming and networks that place humanities and humanistic inquiry at the center of our understanding of culture, society, economics, human nature, language and technology.

We believe that by centering our human understanding of the world, including distant pasts and emerging futures, researchers can understand how cultures are formed and how to create just, ethical and sustainable worlds.





2019-20 Annual Report


We ended the academic year in a way none of us could have imagined when we began it. Despite many challenges, we are thankful to share with you what we have accomplished to advance humanities research and programming in the past year.

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Overcoming prejudice and seeking justice

The Institute for Humanities Research pledges to take up the humanities as a source of empowerment and a foundation for reckoning with disparity, overcoming prejudice and seeking justice. Read our statement and learn about the strategies, new initiatives and resources currently in development.

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